Looking for an experienced, fun and talented content writer to help you boost your sales?

Someone who:

  • produces well-targeted blog posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • creates a content marketing strategy to improve credibility and value for your brand
  • gives color and spunk to your online articles
  • writes in the ‘voice’ of your awesome brand
  • knows the ins and outs of online marketing that will transform your online visitors into buyers

What’s in it for you?

My job is to take the burden of writing web content from your shoulders so you can focus on your clients or the needs of your family. Having a blog and keeping it up-to-date is a complex process that requires daily updates, dedication, creativity and tons of patience.

If you have a mid-size company that needs well-written weekly content, I can help.

Who am I?

I’m Marlena Bontaș (pronounced Bontash) a professional wellness and lifestyle writer.

I write engaging copy and online articles for medium-size and large businesses.

I was born in Romania.

I have two degrees in Psychology.

I built a successful mental health blog that is now getting almost 15K visitors per quarter.

I am a huge fan of dogs

Why is content important for your business?

According to Hubspot, the benefits of blogging for a business are the following:

  • increased online visibility for your brand due to SEO writing and social media optimization;
  • more traffic for your online business;
  • more satisfied customers due to free online content that answers their questions;
  • high traffic=more leads=increase in sales; if you offer free content or e-books, visitors will wanna subscribe to your website and be more willing to buy from you;
  • blogging creates long-term success through compounding blog posts; this means that popular blog posts published years ago can drive the highest number of sales; Hubspot believes that the majority of your traffic and sales will come from old but still relevant posts;

Are you convinced? Then, send me an email to schedule a FREE Skype consultation.