Marlena Bontas


If you ever wondered why having a blog with professional and goal-oriented copy is important for your business, you’re not alone.

Many businesses nowadays rely on offsite advertisement to promote their products or services. Having to spend up to 10K per month to make yourself heard kind of sucks. I can’t imagine what this can do to your budget.

However, there is a much simpler and cheaper method to promote your company: Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is when you create a plan to write and promote educational blog posts to sell your products and increase brand awareness.

Few things are more frustrating as to not be able to say what you do as a business and why it matters to your audience and future clients.

I can help you give a voice to your online content, make it fun and exciting so that your readers will begin to trust you and support your brand.

What I offer

Your content needs to take your ideal readers on a journey. I can help create inspiring blog posts that will leave your audience wanting for more.

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